Hope on Distant Shores: How Awakened Men can escape the Anglosphere's Toxic Women, Sexual False Consciousness and Institutional Misandry

Rookh Kshatriyas first book Havok (2009) focused on the condition of gender-relations in the contemporary Anglosphere. His conclusions – which have since taken root all over the English-speaking world, were that residual Puritanism has imbalanced gender-relations in favour of women, reducing Anglo-American males to disposable stooges, walking ATM machines and vilified deviants. Meanwhile the same secular Puritanism has, by sacralising sex as an elusive commodity, set Anglo-American women atop pedestals as exalted goddesses. Despite claiming to be a revolutionary movement, Anglo-American feminism is in fact an amplification of existing values: Anglo feminism is sex-negative, misandrist and racist, just like Anglo-American society. The movement that emerged from his first book is best called pan-Anglosphere Dissidence: the systematic rejection of repressive Anglo-American values. This rejection is associated with a yearning for the relative sexual freedom waiting outside the Anglosphere. Pan-Anglosphere Dissidence is predictably strongest in the puritanical United States, with its entitled women, institutionalised misandry and fanatic aversion to prostitution.

Building on the insights first presented in Havok, Hope on Distant Shores offers lifestyle guidance to Anglo-American men who want slim, warm, attractive women unsullied by sex-negative, misandrist Anglo feminism. Unlike Havok (2009), Hope on Distant Shores contains only a few references from canonical historians, economists or philosophers. Like Saint Paul or the Buddha, Dr Kshatriya is fashioning something completely new and a completely new conceptual vocabulary is necessary to contain it. Therefore, most references are taken from the extensive correspondence to his blog which began in early 2018. All the postings of these experienced and learned correspondents, some of them containing over twenty thousand words, are included in a remarkable series of appendices which will doubtless be cited and studied by awakened men for decades to come.

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Havok: How Anglo-American Feminism Ruined Society

A fun rant and a helpful read for understanding the state of gender dynamics. If you are a 20s 30s or 40s male and your gut feeling about the state of things is pretty dark, this book will give you the dark facts to brighten your day. You will slide down the hallway in your socks pretending to be a superhero with your newly acquired toolbox of information.

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