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Links to the major posts (and their responses) are available below:

July 2008:

Welcome to Anglobitch

The Nazi-Feminist Connection

How Shall We Fight? 


August 2008:

Post-Modernity, Hegemony and the Pan-Anglosphere Men's Movement

Oranges and Lemons

The Anglo Mangina


September 2008:


Thug Future? Memes, Genes and Morrissey's Dilemma

Anglobitch: A Tale of Generations

October 2008:


The Anglo-American Marriage Strike


November 2008:


A few Good Men: Anglo Feminism and the mythical 'Man Shortage'

Anglo Feminism: The Class Connection

The Anglo Vice: Homosexuality in Anglo-Saxon Countries Jessica Valenti and the Politics of Rhetoric


December 2008:

No Cure for Cancer: the Endemic Ignorance and Racism of Lower-Class English Women

Ghost World: More Anglo Delusions


January 2009:


Midnight Cowboy: the Confounding of Joe Buck

'Anglobitch' Entered on Urban Dictionary

Kondratieff Long Waves and the Decline of Anglo Feminism

Sin City: Exalting the Anglobitch


February 2009:


Rambo: Pan-Anglosphere Archetype of male Alienation

Anglobitch Domination of the Media and the Anorexia Myth


March 2009:


Chavs and Anglobitches: Anglo Feminism & the Anglo-American Male Crisis

Ronald mcDonald = Anglobitch

Suicide Bombers and Virginia Tech: The Anglobitch Connection

April 2009:


Anglo Feminism: the New Fascism

Guest Post by Monsieur Chauvin

A Few Good Men: Anglo Feminism and the Mythical 'Man Shortage'

Is the Anglosphere a Matriarchy? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Fight Club: Reclaiming Anglo-American Manhood


May 2009:


Public Misandry: 'This Desk is for the Use of Women Only'

Chavs, Neurotypes and Anglobitches: The Death of Our Civilization

Fat Camp: Anglo-American Women and Obesity


June 2009: