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What is the Address?

Simple: the Anglobitch Address explains how the enterprise is growing - conceptually, intellectually and philosophically. The two main areas where content is going to be added on a regular basis are BLOGSPOT and ARTICLES. We do not really believe in democracy, here - since women constitute a majority of the world's population, democracy is always fraught with peril. Traditional societies waxed in strength because of a total lack of democracy; the modern world sickens due to an excess of it.

Consequently, all comments on the Anglobitch-Kshatriya blog are carefully moderated. The ideal state of this anti-Anglobitch space on the Web is an aristocratic formliness, tempered with masculine dignity, nobility and resolve. Loose words, loose thinking and juvenile commentary are all anathema, here. We aim to attract only the best male minds from the Anglosphere and beyond - men who can really challenge Anglo-American feminists in their lairs of power; men who would rather die than yield to Anglobitch matriarchy.

The BLOGSPOT and ARTICLES sections have recently seen an influx of posts and articles. The articles, in particular, seem to be of interest to readers. They are broadly divided into two types, rough 'Thought Pieces' designed to open conceptual space and discussion; and more 'heavyweight', scholarly tracts designed to eviscerate Anglo-American feminism at the conceptual level. Please feel free to offer your comments on my Anglobitch-Kshatriya Blog (see 'Blogspot'). Of course, all comments by feminists, manginas and Anglofags will be removed at the moderation stage.

Marketing the Concept

The Anglobitch concept is ever fluid, ever growing. I know there is great enthusiam around the world for this heady concept, but now is the time to give something back (and profit in the process). All I ask is for Anglobitch enthusiasts to post links back to my Anglobitch Blog wherever they post on the Web. It might be a mra discussion group, an international relations discussion forum or an online feminist drool-fest - anything, really.  If possible, mention the word 'Anglobitch' in your posts and missives. By these means, the Anglobitch concept shall reach out beyond the gifted, chosen few to move masses (and hopefully, mountains!)

Once a critical mass of online popularity has been achieved, our aim must be to make the Anglobitch concept one used casually, effortlessly in public discourse. Then, the way will be paved for the true battles to come, wherein Anglo feminism (and the matriarchal mud-culture that spawned it) will be crushed once and for all. The battle for the Anglosphere will be fought and won in the United States - Britain is utterly lost to left-liberal matriarchal Statism. 

New Developments

The Anglobitch Thesis is for Alpha specimens only. Why is this? You ask, so I will tell you. Simply put, breaking the rules is Alpha; only idiots, lumpies* and no marks obey rules devised by others to defend their own interests. For example, military service is the ultimate Gamma statement, closely followed by voting or watching television. By contrast, the Anglobitch Thesis is a bold, uncompromising rejection of Anglo-Saxon culture's core assumptions. After all, the idealization of women in central to the Anglo-Saxon matriarchy. Its rejection is tantamount to high treason, at least ideologically. This shows the mettle of those who would accept it.

* lumpen proletarians

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Dr Rookh Kshatriya - June 2010